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SERVPRO of Campbell County's Storm Tips

1/20/2023 (Permalink)

When storm water falls from snow or rain, it seeps into the ground.  But if the ground is frozen or already saturated, flooding problems can occur.  Storms can create fast flood waters, but slow-moving flood waters should not be underestimated for their impact on lives or properties.  Hereare some tips if you live in areas that frequently have major weather issues.

• Furnaces, water heaters and electrical panels should be elevated.• Have an emergency kit and make an evacuation plan with your family.• Pay attention to all flood warnings from radio and television.• If you have time prior to evacuation, turn off utilities at the main switches and disconnect all electrical appliances.• Bring in outdoor furniture and move indoor furniture to a higher level.• Avoid contact with any flood waters.  It could contain sewage or other undesirable material.  

If you experience water damage from storms or floods, don’t hesitate to call the experts at SERVPRO of Campbell County.  Our professionals will restore your damage to the condition of “like it never happened”.  SERVPRO of Campbell County can be reached at 859-572-4920.

House Fire

1/20/2023 (Permalink)

Did you know that speed plays a significant role in reducing property loss?It’s a matter of restoring your personal property or having to replace it.  Your Campbell County SERVPRO professional is trained to assist youimmediately. Whether it’s providing after fire protection to damaged/leaking ceilings, roof and windows to protecting your home’s contents your SERVPRO professional is prepared to advise and assist you through this moment of crisis.

Your Campbell County SERVPRO expert will assess the damage to your property and advise you on such important matters as how far the fire, smoke and soot have traveled and how it has affected your walls and furniture. We can then develop a plan of action which will give you an accurate idea of what the repair costs should be and then advise you of approximate repair time.

With any fire comes the possibility that water damage will also occur. If a fire has caused a pipe to burst or a water tank to leak, water restoration may be needed. Your Campbell County SERVPRO expert will act quickly to resolve the damage by stopping the source of the problem and preventing it from causing more damage.

Your Campbell County SERVPRO professional is trained to use a variety of cleaning methods to resolve your fire related issues. These methods include Dry Cleaning- cleans light residue, Wet Cleaning- which cleans heavier residue, SPRAY and WIPE- used on items that can’t be wet cleaned, FOAM CLEANING- used for upholstery, ABRASIVE CLEANING- which involves agitating the surface and FULL IMERSION CLEANING- where we will dip the item into a bath of a cleaning product.

Your Campbell County SERVPRO provides 24/7 Emergency service! Our fast response time will lessen the damage and ultimately reduce the cost of your fire remediation. When you choose SERVPRO of Campbell County, we will make your clean up “like it never happened.”

Campbell County your Fire Restoration Company

11/30/2022 (Permalink)

Fires of any kind can be among the most traumatic events a business or homeowner will everexperience.  You can be sure that the professionals at SERVPRO Campbell County are available 24/7 providing quality service to seal your property and prevent any further damage.  

Once on site, we will provide an assessment of damage, develop an action plan and relay a timetable for repairs.  We offer disposal services for those items that can’t be saved, and these services are always eco-friendly.  

SERVPRO Campbell County will provide quality cleanup service removing smoke, soot or dust stains caused by the fire.  We will clean and sanitize all areas preventing possible infection and will remove all odors that may linger following the fire.  Remember, when fire takes control of your life, SERVPRO Campbell County helps you take your life back!

Can SERVPRO help me?

11/30/2022 (Permalink)

Have you heard of SERVPRO's Service Response Guidelines?

Within ONE hour from notice of loss, a SERVPRO Franchise Professional will contact you to arrange for service. 

Within FOUR hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO Franchise Professional will be on-site to start mitigation services. 

Within EIGHT business hours of on-site arrival, a verbal briefing of the scope will be communicated to you by a SERVPRO Franchise Professional. 

What can SERVPRO Franchise Professionals do for you?

  • Fire smoke and Soot Cleanup and Restoration
  • Water Removal and Dehumidification
  • Crime Scene, Biohazard and Vandalism Cleanup
  • Mold Mitigation and Remediation
  • Contents Claim Inventory Service
  • Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning
  • Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning and Car
  • Stain Removal, Stain Resistance Applications
  • Odor Identification and Deodorization
  • Upholstery and Drapes: Wet or Dry Cleaning Methods

Can a Hail Storm Damage your Roof?

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

Here in Northern Kentucky we don’t usually get a lot of hail when the strong storms roll through, but every once in a while we get a surprise hail storm.  We usually check out our cars and the parts of our property for damage, but do you check your roof?  Hail storms, even small ones, can cause significant damage to your roof.  Large and small hail can damage shingles leaving holes and gaps in the roof that can lead to problems in the future.  So what should you look for after a hail storm?

1.   Roof damage.  Check to make sure your roof covers, shingles, and any drainage system are not damaged and still intact.  Hail can also damage skylights, solar panels, and HVAC systems so check for any missing parts, dents, or scratches.  You also want to make sure that everything is working properly and call a professional if you notice any problems.

2.  Cracked or missing shingles.  While shingles make the roof of your home business look very nice they also have a very important job.  Shingles are what help protect your roof from water getting into your space.  If shingles are missing or cracked they need to be replaced quickly to help prevent any further damage

3.  Water leaks.  If your roof has been damaged during a hail storm then it can lead to water entering your home or business.  Sometimes you may not be able to see the damage done to your roof, so be sure to check your attic after a hail storm.  Water can start to leak in places that you don’t see and could lead to more damage and mold if not treated in a timely manner.  

If you suspect that your home or business has experienced any damage during a hail storm be sure to call the professionals to help inspect the damage and create a plan for fixing the problem.  SERVPRO of Campbell County is always available to help with your storm needs.  

Keeping your business safe during weather emergencies

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

You may think that weather radios are a thing of the past, but it can be the one tool that can help keep you, your family, your employees, and your customers safe during a weather emergency.  Having a weather radio in your home or office can be just as important as having a smoke detector.  

A weather radio is designed to alert you of an approaching storm or something even more dangerous like a tornado.  It is designed to alert you in enough time to give you and anyone around a chance to seek shelter and safety from whatever is coming your way.  Most people nowadays have a cell phone that can alert them of an incoming storm, but what happens if cell towers are down and can’t transmit the alert?  Television and radio stations can also go out during a storm leaving you with no way to be alerted of what is going on, or any time to seek shelter.  

Even though it might seem like you are going back in time, a weather radio in your home or place of business can help save lives.  If you suffer damage from any form of weather destruction give SERVPRO of Campbell County a call for all your restoration needs. 

Prepping your before you leave for vacation

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

As summer is quickly approaching it can only mean one thing….vacations!  With things starting to get back to normal, more people are traveling and going on vacations.  This should be a time to relax and enjoy time with your family and friends, and not worry about something going wrong at your home while you are gone.  You don’t want to come home from a vacation to find your home under water.  

Water damage can be caused by leaking pipes or appliances and can cause all kinds of damage to your carpets, furniture, wall, and can even cause structural damage if left unattended for too long.  So before you leave for vacation take some time to prep your home while you will be gone.  

  1.  Check for any leaks around your home before you leave.  Check all the pipes underneath the sinks, and check the water heater to make sure there are no leaks or cracks.
  2. Inspect all the hoses that are connected to any major appliances in your home, such as the washing machine, dishwasher, and ice maker.  Make sure there are no kinks in the hoses or any leaks.
  3. Check your rain gutters and downspouts to make sure there is no buildup or blockages.  These can lead to flooding on your roof which can then lead to damage to your home.
  4. Examine your sump pump, if you have one.  Make sure that it is running properly and that there is no debris that could cause a blockage.  
  5. Have a neighbor or family member periodically check on your home to make sure everything is fine while you are gone.  
  6. Turn off the water at the main to help prevent any water damage to your home

Doing a quick check of these things before you leave can help prevent coming home to a big, expensive mess.  Water damage can be very destructive and getting it cleaned up immediately is important to prevent further damage.  If you have any water damage to your home give SERVPRO of Campbell County a call.  

Teach your family how to prevent a fire in your home

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

As adults we know the right and wrong when it comes to fire safety, but what about your kids?  Teaching our children about fire safety and prevention is essential, so here are a few quick tips to help keep everyone safe. 

  • Smoke alarms- install smoke alarms throughout your home and make sure to check the batteries often.  Teach your kids about what a smoke alarm does and what they should do when one goes off.  
  • Keep all lighters and matches out of the reach of children.  Consider using flame less candles in the home.  There are many great options out there now, and it will help prevent any accidental fires. 
  • Keep,kids away from the stove or grill while you are cooking
  • Fire Escape Plan.  Create one for your family and practice it.  Make sure your kids know what to do if a fire were to break out in your home.  Teach them to stay out of the home once they get out and to call 9-1-1.

Fires can happen very quickly and knowing what to do in an emergency can save your life.  Educating everyone in your home can help keep you all safe.

Don't Let Storms Damage Your Home

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Here in Northern Kentucky we all love when the warm weather of Spring and Summer finally make their appearance.  But with those warmer temperatures comes the risk of strong storms with lots of wind, rain, lightning, and sometimes even hail.  Sometimes the rain can come down so quick and so hard that it can make its way into your home.  

Heavy rains can cause basements to flood, sump pumps to overflow, and other water damage to your home.  Getting the water cleaned up quickly and properly is the key to reducing further damage to your home.  SERVPRO of Campbell County is who need to call in a situation like this.  We have the knowledge of how to safely clean up flood water, and we have the proper tools and equipment to get it done right.  We are available 24 hours a day, so give us a call if storm waters invade your home.  

If you find mold, give us a call!

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Have you found mold in your Northern Kentucky home?  Mold growth can be found in places that are dark and damp, such as an old basement, or sometimes in places where you might have had some water damage.  If you find mold,  give SERVPRO of Campbell County a call immediately.  We will assess the amount of mold and damage that might have occurred, remediate the problem, and help prevent future mold from occurring. 

Mold can be sneaky.  You might find only a small spot of it, but there can also be mold growing that you can’t see.  It’s important to get all mold assessed.  It’s also important to get it taken care of immediately because mold spores in the air can cause health problems for you and your family.  

If we find mold in your home the SERVPRO team of Campbell County will begin remediation by preventing contaminated air from traveling to other parts of your home.  In most cases we will set up a contaminant barrier and use air scrubbers to filter the mold spores out of the air.  Any carpet, drywall, or ceiling tiles that have been contaminated will then be removed and discarded.  If we don’t get rid of them then the mold spores will just redistribute, and our technicians will apply products that will help prevent any more mold growth.  

If you find mold in your home give SERVPRO of Campbell County a call immediately.  Our technicians are properly trained on how to remediate the situation and return your home to “Like it never even happened.”