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Water Damage Testimonials

I cannot say enough great things about this company. Jeff and Daniel, the technicians on my water restoration project, and Jason (the owner) were the absolute best.....highly professional, knowledgeable, committed, courteous and extremely customer-oriented.

About 15 minutes after my call to SERVPRO that morning, I received a call back from Jeff, the SERVPRO technician heading up the job of dealing with the water damage. My insurer had dispatched an adjuster on that Saturday morning of the event, and Jeff was at my house in less than 30 minutes time of my calling SERVPRO along with his colleague Daniel. In fact, they met the adjusted as he was leaving they were that fast to respond. They immediately started on dealing with the considerable amount of water in my basement and first floor laundry room. Probably within 60 or 90 minutes of their arrival, they had extracted approximately 20 gallons of water from the carpet, and had the carpet lifted and had blowers, heaters and dehumidifiers going and were heading on to another restoration job. I was amazed at how fast those fellows were. But the thing that really impressed me about SERVPRO and these fellows the most was their commitment to keeping restoration sensible.....no carpet or drywall had to be replaced......quite impressive indeed that they were solely concerned with addressing the water problem and not trying expand the job scope at all beyond what was absolutely necessary to address the water damage that had occurred, and it certainly kept my cost considerably down as a result.

Hopefully I will never have another occurrence like this where restoration services are required, but if I ever do, it will definitely be SERVPRO of Campbell County that I call. I would certainly recommend them to anyone in need of restoration services of any type.

The owner was timely and friendly.  He did his test quickly and wasn't afraid to explain what he was testing and why he was testing it.  I would recommend to anyone.

Thank you, and Jeff, again for the amazing work you did getting my basement back to normal this week.  You both helped my panic subside very quickly and I am so pleased with how the entire process went.  

These guys are GREAT! I wouldnt hesitate to use them again if I need them and will recommend them to anyone! The owner and his father came out to our house late on a Monday night after a washing machine mishap. They explained everything to us, were personable and were genuinely concerned about salvaging our new flooring that had been installed 2 days earlier. They stayed until 11:30 that night to make sure everything was in order and that we didn't have any issues or need any help. A true CLASS ACT and so refreshing to know there are people like these guys out there who want to help and not just take advantage of an unfortunate situation as a homeowner

Thank you for your quick response time!  You came in and made a terrible situation better with your kindness and honesty. Cross our fingers we never have water damage again, but if we do we will definitely call.

SERVPRO of Campbell County did a fantastic job saving my wood floors after my utility sink overflow. Thank you Jason and SERVPRO!!!